March 09, 2024

In our March 2024, we discussed upcoming Earth Day events, caught up with recent news and trends on electric vehicle development, the first non-Tesla rollout of NACS access, and quick updated on Tesla’s FSD Beta v12. We also voted on leadership roles for April.


Many electric vehicles, including an electric bus, parked on the grass underneath a large oak tree. , Many people milling about electric cars parked under a large oak tree. , People standing on plaza with electric vehicles.

Santa Rosa

North Bay Electric Auto Association spoke with folks about EVs at the City of Santa Rosa’s Earth Day event.


In our May 2024 meeting, we discussed Earth Day event experiences, and recent Tesla developments.

Presentations: Mike Pane from Synergy Solar and Tyson Berg from Greentech Renewables presenting the latest home battery storage and rooftop solar technologies.

In our February 2024, we heard from Keysight Technologies about their work and perspective around electric vehicles. We also discussed changing leadership roles for April.

Presentation: Keysight E-Mobility Test Solutions — Dr. Mark Pierpoint