Welcome to the North San Francisco Bay Chapter of the Electric Auto Association!

CHARTER: The Electric Auto Association is a non-profit educational organization for the promotion of clean Electric Vehicles (EVs) for personal transportation.


!! Back to normal: Meetings 2nd Saturday of the month !!

Next Meeting: Saturday, November 12th, 10 AM to Noon
Thunderstruck Motors
2985 Dutton Ave Suite 3a
Santa Rosa, 95407

Topics include:

  • Debriefing from events of last couple of months: Drive Electric Week, Medtronic Sustainability Fair, Sonoma County Science Fair

  • Discussion & Review of Sonoma Clean Power's Drive Evergreen Program, including report from members who have researched the incentives and actions our group can do to promote the program.

  • And...
    Between now and Saturday the 12th go and visit charging stations in our NBEAA region. Collect information for how to find the station (has a bush grown-up around the station, or on the 3rd level of a parking structure, etc.), see if it's in good working order, what is the fee to use, take pictures, etc. You can update the information on PlugShare yourself or bring to the meeting and we'll do a how-to during the meeting.
    Here's a link to PlugShare.
    You may want to check PlugShare in case someone has visited the station in recent history.

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Take a look at the 2016 National Drive Electric Week here: NDEW 2016

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