National Drive Electric Week (2023)

Sonoma Clean Power and NBEAA teamed up to hold the Sonoma Clean Power Electric Vehicle Showcase and Event for National Drive Electric Week in 2023.

Two presentations were shared on savings with electric vehicles and road tripping with an EV.

Slides from the presentations are available below.

Project Type
Buggy, van, and SUV parked in front of Advanced Energy Center.

Some unique vehicles were shown off including a buggy from The Switch Lab, electric van from Face 2 Face, and an EV6.

Row of EVs parked with orange cones behind them. Several people are talking next to the cars.

EVs on show and discussion.

Person with popcorn scoop standing next to popcorn machine plugged into a blue car.

Sean from SCP getting reading to get some popcorn made in a popcorn maker powered by an EV6!

Insulated bags and lunch totes on a long table.

Some swag from the event. Sonoma Clean Power insulated bags and Nissan Arriya lunch totes.