All information is a snapshot taken in September 2009 and is subject to change without being updated here. Issues highlighted in yellow or red. Sorted from left to right by popularity on EV Discussion List Photo Album per www.evalbum.com/mtrbr.

Parameter Comment Series DC Motors:   Induction AC Motors:      
Make   Advanced DC Netgain
(manufactured by Warfield)
Azure Dynamics Brusa MES-DEA Curtis
Number of users on EVDL   634 185 64 13 4 0
Estimated Forward Efficiency of Drive System   75% 75% 85% 85% 85% 85%
Efficient Regenerative Braking Setup   no no yes yes yes yes
Brushes Brushes are not waterproof and dustproof and do wear out after ~80K miles yes yes no no no no
Cooling Method   open with built-in fan open with built-in fan sealed with case convection only water water open with built-in fan
Models   203-06-4001 for 8"
FB1-4001 for 9"
"A" appended for dual shaft
Nominal DC Operating Voltage   72 to 120V for 8"
96 to 144V for 9"
Continuous Power Output, HP   21.7 at 120V for 8"
28.5 at 144V for 9"
Continuous Current Input, amps   178 for 8"
190 for 9"
Peak Power Output, HP   83 at 120V for 8"
100 at 144V for 9"
Peak Torque Output, Ft-lb  
Output Shaft Smooth keyed is best for a flywheel, which supports a clutch and transmission which is most efficient for small motors. 1.125"D smooth with 1/4" key
1.4"L for 8"
2.1"L for 9"
1.125" smooth keyed 1.125" smooth keyed for AC24, AC24LS; splined shaft for AC55 involuted spline involuted spline 1.125" smooth keyed
Case Dimensions, inches   8.0"D x 14.7 for 8"
9.2"D x 15.7"L for 9"
Weight, pounds   110 for 8"
150 for 9"
Operating temperature range, degrees C  
Monitor port   Temperature switch closes when overheated
Distributors and their prices:
Canadian EVs
Errington, BC 8" and 9" offered, but prices not posted yes        
Cloud Electric Clarkesville, GA $1,395 for 8"
$1,695 for 9"
Electro Automotive Felton, CA   yes yes      
EV Parts Sequim, WA $1,599 for 8"
$1,740 for 9"
yes       yes
EVs of America Wolfeboro, NH 8" and 9" offered, but prices not posted          
EV Source Logan, UT   yes        
KTA Services Ramona, CA $1,389 for 8"
$1,698 for 9"
includes controller
Metric Mind Happy Valley, OR       yes yes  
Thunderstruck Motors Sebastopol, CA           $4,500
includes controller
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Note: As of September 27 2009, total motors listed on EVDL is 2093. 3 of the top 10 as well as others offered by EV component suppliers listed above are shown, totalling 900 or 43%. General Electric, Kostov, Prestolite and Thrige-Titan are also popular motors making up 280 or 13%, but they are either no longer made or not readily available in the US, so they are not included above. Bosch, Unite Motors, Briggs and Stratton, Crystalite and D&D are also popular motors making up 330 or 16%, but they are smaller, best for mini cars, motorcycles or bicycles only and are not covered here.

Manufacturers known to have chargers but do not serve individuals and hence were not included above include AC Propulsion, Enova, UQM, TM4, Reliance and AC Electric Vehicles.

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