Title Audience Duration Number of pages Revision Date Web viewing files (PDF, HTML) Editable files (PowerPoint, Word)
Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (A.K.A. EVSE or Charging Stations) NBEAA meeting 1 hour 26 11/5/2011 evse.pdf
Freeway Capable Production Electric Motorcycle Comparison NBEAA meeting 15 minute introduction 1 Scheduled for 8/28/2010 ecycles.htm
Sten Mander's 1991 Corrolla EV Conversion NBEAA meeting 1 hour 70 7/24/2010 co2_les.pdf
The Science of Electric Vehicles Science Buzz Cafe meeting 1 hour 32 7/22/2010 ev_science.pdf
LiFePO4 Progress NBEAA meeting 15 minute introduction 1 5/22/2010 life_progress.pdf
Introduction to Batteries 4-6 Grade Science Olympiad Training Session 1 hour (but did not get to measuring power with variable resistor at the end) 25 1/12/2010 picture of home made battery powering LED
Electromagnetism 4-6 Grade Science Olympiad Training Session two 1-hour sessions 14 12/8/09 picture of home made motor
10 second motor movie - 16 MB! (motor.avi)
Alan Soule's Tesla Roadster NBEAA meeting 60 minutes 41 11/7/09 SoulesTeslaNov09.pdf SoulesTeslaNov09.ppt
Dave Malloy's Fiero EV Conversion NBEAA meeting 45 minutes 33 10/17/09 MalloysFieroOct09.pdf MalloysFieroOct09.ppt
Electric Vehicle Donor Cars NBEAA meeting 20 minutes 22 10/17/09 donor_cars.pdf donor_cars.ppt
Electric Vehicle Battery Chargers NBEAA meeting 2 hours 19 9/11/09 chargers.pdf
Electric Vehicle Batteries NBEAA Meeting 2 hours 44 8/14/09 batteries.pdf
batteries.htm(to be added)
Electric Vehicle Range Calculations 8th grade Summer Algebra Academy 15 minutes 1 6/15/09   ev_range_calcs.doc
Electric Vehicle Drive Systems NBEAA Summer 2009 Technical Series 1 hour 38 6/13/09 drive_systems.pdf
motors.htm(under construction)
controllers.htm(under construction)
Public Electric Vehicle Charging Location Recommendations for Sonoma County Sonoma County Water Agency n/a (paper) 6 3/13/09 charging_locations.pdf
Introduction To Electric Vehicles Solar Living Institute EV101 7 hours 79 1/28/09 ev_intro.pdf ev_intro.ppt
Electric Vehicles: the benefits and the challenges Sunrise Rotary Club 1/2 hour 17 12/17/08 rotary.pdf rotary.ppt
How to ‘Electrify’ More of the Public To Purchase Electric Vehicles NBEAA Meeting 2 hours 16 6/14/08 EAAEVJUN08.pdf  
The Sustainable Transportaton Initiative California State Senator Pat Wiggins and District Director Michael Allen 1/2 hour 16 2/1/08 SustainableTransportationInitiative.pdf
Recommended Action Worksheet for the Sonoma County Community Climate Action Plan Climate Protection Campaign n/a (paper) 3 4/27/07   RecommendedActionWorksheet_PVEV.doc

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