Open Source Electric Vehicle Program (OSEV)

Updated May 24, 2011

Documents will be added as they are created. Documents requiring updates are noted as "to be updated". Documents to be created and/or posted are noted as "TBD".

Progress Report

- Interim report for AAA: osev_sota_interim_report.pdf
- Blog
Task list and schedule

Project Summary

Design, build, test and document a 50+ mile range freeway capable compact sedan electric vehicle conversion with at least 700 lb payload, regenerative braking, and robust battery protection by December 2010 utilizing Santa Rosa Junior College students, faculty, staff and NBEAA volunteers.

Key Partners

American Automobile Association: $25,000 2008 Greenlight Initiative Grant
Santa Rosa Junior College: $6,000 donor vehicle purchase, instructor time and administrative support

Key Suppliers who have provided generous discounts for products and services

Make Mine Electric
EV Components
EV Source

Grant Application Documents

-  2008 Greenlight Grant Pre-proposal submitted June 30, 2008: SRJC-NBEAA_EV_Conversion_Program.pdf.
-  Final proposal submitted September 12, 2008: SRJC-NBEAA_EV_Conversion_Program_FINAL.pdf.
-  Adjustment submitted October 13, 2008: SRJC-NBEAA_EV_Conversion_Program_ADJUSTMENT.pdf.
Sections in the above documents include:
   Project Objectives
   Process and Methods
   Expected Results
   Success Metrics
   Qualifications of the Project Team

Planning Documents

Donor Car Analysis
- Specifications
- EV Component Analysis (TBD)
Project Plan
Weight Analysis

Wiring Diagrams
upper left
upper right
lower left
lower right
Detail A: Fused front battery box
Detail B: Fused mid battery box
Detail C: Fused rear battery box
Detail D: Junction Box:
upper left
upper right
lower left
lower right
Parts list, wiring list and design issues spreadsheet
Detail E: Console
Console PCA: TBD
Detail F, low Voltage EV chassis Wire looms:
upper left
upper right
lower left
lower right
Detail G: Motor temperature sender -- TBD
Temperature sender PCA -- TBD
Detail H: AC Adapters -- TBD

Fabrication Drawings

Motor to transaxle adapter kit:
- assembly cross sectional view
- motor ring
- adapter plate (outline and flywheel housing bolt dimensions to be added)
- hub
starter hole cover (TBD)

Motor mount adapter, front battery box and power steering pump mount assembly kit: (needs updating)

Motor mount adapter (needs updating)
- 3-D sketch
- top view
- front view
- side view
- BMS controller and wire loom mounts
- material list

Front battery hold down
- 3-D sketch
- top view
- front cross section and material list
- Safety shield (TBD)

- Front allthread

- Front assembly material list

Engine bay splash shields
- Front splash shield (TBD)
- Bottom splash shield (TBD)

Mid and rear battery box kits -- 2 required: (needs updating)
- 3-D sketch
- rack
- hold-down
- material list
- Splash and safety shield (TBD)
- spare tire well removal and new trunk floor with rear box and spare tire hold down mounting bolt holes (TBD)
- spare tire hold down mount (TBD)
- location of 4 holes drilled under back seat for mid battery box mount (TBD)

Other components:
- Conduit assembly (TBD)
- Radiator tray assembly: assembly  custom part detail  welded part detail
- Junction box pop-riveted sheet metal base assembly and lid (TBD)
- Power brake pump, tank and regulator mount (TBD)
- Console pop-riveted sheet metal base assembly and lid (TBD)
- AC inlet mount (TBD)

Azure Dynamics DMOC445 AC Induction Motor Controller User Manuals and Software
- Main User Manual
- Pedal Controlled Application User Manual
- CAN Controlled Application User Manual
- Programming Software: TBD
- Monitoring and Logging Software: TBD

Brusa NLG5 Charger User Manuals and Software
- Main User Manual
- Monitoring Manual
- CANBus commands
- Programming Software Installer
- Logging Software Installer

Other Documents

- Theory of Operation (TBD)
- Conversion procedure (TBD)
- Verification procedure (TBD)
- User's guide (TBD)
- Maintenance, Repair and Troubleshooting guide (TBD)

Related Information

Electric Vehicle Performance Tests
EV Documentation standards
-  Open source EV conversion organization based in Finland:  eCars-Now!

Contact: Chris Jones at if you are interested in more information, or would like to help out with this effort.

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