NBEAA Newsletter


March 1, 2012



March NBEAA Meeting

Saturday, March 10, 2012, 10AM – Noon, Blue Sky Center, 6791 Sebastopol Rd., Sebastopol

Jenny Bard, advocacy manager for the American Lung Association in California, will discuss efforts to create a pilot peer to peer car sharing program in the Junior College neighborhood using Getaround that can serve as a model for the community to reduce car trips and greenhouse gases, save money, and promote alternative transportation options. Jenny recently leased a Nissan LEAF and has been working with Getaround to launch peer to peer car sharing in Santa Rosa.


April NBEAA Meeting

Saturday, April 7, 2012, 10AM – Noon, location to be announced

John and Ellen Palmerlee will present their 1985 Toyota Pickup EV conversion. Ellen came up with the idea as her high school senior project, and it turned out to be a fun, useful and eye catching electric. They will report on the two year project, outline what's next and answer questions. The pickup will be on display.


Upcoming Events:

Electric Vehicles Land, Sea & Air, March 27 & 28, San Jose http://www.idtechex.com/electric-vehicles-usa-12/ev.asp

April 14th, “Day on the Green” at Montgomery Village.  An Earth day celebration where eight of our Chapter’s EVs will be on display.  Please stop by and tell your friends about it. http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/ETList/message/11456

April 18 & 19, 2012, EcoOdessy.  Sponsored by EcoRing, EcoOdessy are tours of Marin and Sonoma Counties highlighting the most beautiful and unique natural locations.


April 3rd or April 5th.  Meeting with the Sonoma County Water Agency to discuss ways to promote electric vehicles in Sonoma County.  The County will be starting to install EVSEs in April of this year and wants to gather information on where to locate the chargers and how to let people know where the chargers are located.  Anyone who wants to attend this meeting to give their input, please email me before March 9th.



Notes from EAA Annual Meeting

The Annual EAA Meeting or “All-Chapters” meeting was held at the HP campus in Cupertino on Saturday, February 25th.  About 100 people attended and it was fun to see so many EVs in the parking lot (mostly LEAFs).

The meeting slides are available on the EAA website.  Go to the EAA website http://electricauto.org. On the front page, under “Annual Meeting”, click the “click here” link and the slides will download or send me an email and I will send you the pdf file (it is 8MB so I am not including it, here). 


To publish and mail the paper copy of the newsletter is costing more than the extra amount that the EAA is charging for it.  If subscribing to the paper copy, please share it with nonmembers.  CurrentEVents is the most costly budget item for the EAA (see slide #16).  All members are encouraged to submit articles for CurrentEVents.


Howard Clearfield is the Association’s new treasurer.  He has, only, had a chance to quickly review the financial condition of the Association and has found that we are in reasonably good shape.  The 2012 budget is very similar to the 2011 budget.  Each chapter’s balance will be documented and sent to the chapters by the end of May.  We must spend the money that is attributed to our chapter by the end of this year or the balance will revert to the general fund.  For those interested in the formula for determining how funds get allocated to each chapter, refer to slide #20.  Please send any suggestions that you have for meaningful ways to spend the money.


There are approximately 1,800 members in the EAA.  The total number of members hasn’t changed much in the last year.  There are about 70 chapters as well as several international members in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa.  The largest chapter is the Silicon Valley chapter with about 150 members.  Our chapter is the tenth largest chapter with about 45 members.


The Association’s charging infrastructure chairman, Tom Dowling, has received an independent grant to replace the old AVCON chargers with new Level II chargers that have a J1772 plug.  He is in the process of replacing them, now, so check a charger locator website before planning a trip to confirm which plug you will use.  Walgreens and Simons Properties (the owner of the Santa Rosa Plaza and Coddingtown Mall), have adopted programs to install charging stations.  Stay tuned, we will let you know when the local Walgreens and  malls have theirs.  Plug-in-America is supporting the “Adopt-a-Charger” program where people can donate money for installing a charger in a location of their choice.  (See http://adoptacharger.org)  There are now Level II, J1772, chargers in Golden Gate Park and Yosemite Valley (the Yosemite charger is being installed as I write this, so check before leaving to be sure that it is operational).

See slide #41 for a list of charger locator websites.  The topic of our May meeting will be charging and will include information on charging station locator websites.

Plug In America:

Plug In America is a chapter of the EAA.  It has had several EV promotion events and, annually, publishes “Charged Up & Ready To Roll”, a guide to plug-in electric vehicles.  The guide costs $5 per copy.  I suggest that our Chapter purchases a quantity of the latest issue for distribution at upcoming events.


CalCars is an affiliated organization that is a special interest group to promote EVs.  For more information, refer to their website www.calcars.org or email Felix Karmer at info@calcars.org.



NEDRA (National Electric Drag Racing Association):

The National Hot Rod Association has officially recognized electric drag racing by making NEDRA an Alternative Sanctioning Organization.  NEDRA has now joined the ranks of other independent prestigious organizations such as the All Harley Drag Racing Association and seven others.  Refer to the NEDRA website (www.nedra.com)  for more information.



Results of Adapter Lending Survey:

The results of our survey about who would want to lend charging adapters and who would want to borrow them are:


·        Number of responses:  10

·        Of those who responded (6) own conversions and (4) own factory EVs

·        Of all responders, how many would use adapters:  2 would borrow (one factory and one conversion); 1 maybe; 7 would not borrow adapters

·        Of all responders, how many would lend adapters: 3 would lend (one factory and two conversions); 1 maybe; 6 would not lend adapters


I think that this shows that most everyone has the charging adapters that they need so a lending/borrowing program would not be worth the effort.  Let me leave it at this: If anyone finds that they need to borrow an adapter, please let me know and I will see if I can round one up for you.