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Sorted by reverse chronological order. Updated 5/24/2011.

2010 "What is the Electric Car? 75 DVD
2008 "EV-101: How to Build an Electric Vehicle" by ACE Technologies 180 DVD & CD
2007 Steve Ruppenthal Interview by Petaluma TV Station unknown DVD
2006 "Who Killed the Electric Car? A Lack of Consumer Confidence...or Conspiracy?" 93 DVD
2006 "Electric Vehicles" story on "North Bay Trails" on KFTY TV channel 50 10/20/06. unknown VHS
2006 EAASV Rally at Palo Alto High 9/30/06. unknown DVD
2006 J. B. Straubel of Tesla Motors at SVEAA 8/5/06. unknown DVD
2006 "Wrightspeed X1 Prototype" by Ian Wright at EAASV 4/15/06. unknown DVD
2005 "Civic with a Cord EV Conversion" by Bob Bath unknown VHS
2005 EAASV Rally at Palo Alto High 9/24/05. unknown DVD
2005 "Requiem for the Th!nk City" by Dr. Nick Carter unknown DVD
2004 "Ford and the Th!nk City" story on "Thirty Minutes Bay Area News" 11/14/04. unknown VHS
2001 "Curtis Controllers" at NBEAA 2/10/01. unknown VHS
2000 "EVC3 October 2000 Revision" 5 VHS
2000 "Avcon Interface" by Scott Leavitt and "Vacaville's EVs and Charging" by Ed Huestis at SJEAA 5/13/00. 38 VHS
2000 EAASV meeting at Agilent. unknown VHS
1999 Electric Drags and Ed Raanberg's Kawashocki 10 VHS
1999 Woodburn 99 EV Drags unknown VHS
1999 EAASV Rally at Stanford University 9/18/1999. 65 VHS
1999 The Learning Channel (TLC) 7/25/1999. 40 VHS
1999 Raymond Levinson of USPS at EAA/PEN 7/10/99. unknown VHS
1999 "Conductive Charging Standards" by Chuck Hursch and Craig Toepfer to NBEAA/EBEAA 6/26/99. 85 VHS
1998 "Conductive Charging" by Don McGrath to NBEAA December 1998. unknown VHS
1998 EAASV Rally at Stanford University 9/26/98. 54 VHS
1998 NEDRA/New Edge Footage 8/29/98 at Woodburn, OR unknown VHS
1997 "Auburn Controllers" by Bill Prouty and John Wayland of Auburn Scientific to NBEAA/EBEAA 8/16/97. 94 VHS
1997 "White Lightning", the World's Fastest Electric Car unknown VHS
1996 EBEAA Show and Rally 8/10/96; Fluke 40 Data; Bruce Paramenter; Chuck Hursch; Henry Deaton; Scott Cornell; Anna Cornell; Stan Skokan. 95 VHS
1996 "Battery Testing: a Demonstration" by Scott Cornell at EAA/PEN 8/3/96. 76 VHS
1996 "Controllers" by Lee Ackerson of Jefferson Program Power at EAA/PEN 7/6/96. 60 VHS
1996 San Francisco Bay Electric Auto Rally and Clean Air Fair 5/4/96. 31 VHS
1996 "Battery Chargers - How They Work and What's New" by Stan Skokan of Electric Vehicles Inc. at SVEAA 4/20/96. 100 VHS
1996 "The Station Car Concept Using EVs" by Marty Bernard of National Station Car Association at EAA/PEN 3/2/96. 68 VHS
1996 "The Optima Battery" by Dr. John Olson at EAASV 2/10/96. 52 VHS
1996 "The Norwegian Electric Car Program" by Jan Herstad of Norwegian Industry Attache Office and "Station Cars" by Victoria Nerenberg of BART at EAA/PEN 2/3/96. 73 VHS
1995 Optima Batteries, Inc. Dragster Video Loop 60 VHS
1995 "Controllers and Instruments" by Otmar Ebenhoech at EAA/PEN 5/6/1995. 76 DVD
1995 San Francisco Bay Electric Auto Rally 4/29/95 57 VHS
1995 "The Current Solution -- 3/1/55 Motor Show 4/4/95" 14 VHS
1994 "Electric Sports Racing" by Dan Sullivan at EAA/PEN 10/1/94. 51 VHS
1994 "Convert It" by Mike Brown 90 VHS
1993 Newsclips KSL January '93 unknown VHS
1993 "VoltsRabbit Components Packaging Tour" by Mike Brown 30 VHS
1992 "Electric Vehicles - Fact, Fiction and Fantasy" by Mike Brown 59 VHS
1992 "Installing the Adapter, Clutch and Flywheel" by Mike Brown 60 VHS
1992 "Conversions II" by Mike Brown, Bruce Burk and Gary Carr 90 VHS
1991 "The Lithium Polymer Battery" by Dr. Steven Visco at EAASV 5/18/91 88 VHS
1991 "The Electric Vehicle Components Primer" by Mike Brown 92 VHS
1990 "Conversions I" by Doug Cobb, John Roberts, Bob Batson and Mike Brown 90 VHS

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