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Listed in reverse chronological order. Updated 5/24/2011.

2010 Larry Edsall Chevrolet Volt: Charging in to the Future 144
2010 Arvid Linde Electric Cars - The Future is Now! 127
2008 Seth Leitman and Bob Brant Build Your Own Electric Vehicle, Second Edition 327
2006 Sherry Boschert Plug-in Hybrids: The Cars that will Recharge America 231
2000s various 2000s EV Brochures -- Tesla, Phoenix Motors, GEM, Metric Mind, Azure Dyamics, etc. unknown (0.2")
2002 Warren Winovich An Analysis for the Th!nk Electric Car 18
1991-2000 various "Current EVents" Electric Auto Association Newsletter: most of the issues during this time frame (see   www.eaaev.org   for online copies available to paid up members of all issues since 2001). 45 issues, 22 pages typical
1990s various 1990s EV Brochures: 1996 and 1997 EAA EV Buyer's Guides, General Motors EV1 and Ford Th!nk unknown (0.2")
1999 unknown manila envelope with SVEAA 1998 and 1999 EV Rally pictures unknown
1998 Joe Sherman Charging Ahead (the story of Solectria) 240
1996 Michael Shnayerson The Car That Could: The Inside Story of GM's Revolutionary Electric Vehicle (the EV1) 295
1996 David A. Kirsch The Electric Car and the Burden of History: Studies in Automotive Systems Rivalry in America, 1890-1996 325
1994 unknown 1994 NBEAA group picture 1
1993 Bob Brant Build Your Own Electric Vehicle, First Edition 310
1993 (newer edition above) Mike Brown with Shari Prange Convert It: A Step-by-Step Manual for Converting an Internal Combustion Vehicle to Electric Power 128
1992 various Proceedings of the Seventh Annual Battery Conference on Applications and Advances: January 21-23, 1992, California State University, Long Beach unknown (0.6", single sided photocopy)
1991 Gary Starr Electric Vehicle Conversion Book 93
1990 various EVS-10 Hong Kong December 3-5 1990: The 10th International Electric Vehicle Symposium Proceedings part I 619
1990 various EVS-10 Symposium Proceedings, part II unknown (1.0")
1981 US Department of Energy 4th Annual Report to Congress for FY 1980: Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Program 122
1981 Paul R. Shipps EV Engineering Guidebook: Electric Vehicle Conversions for the 1980's, Suppliment #2: Chevrolet Chevette 23
1981 Paul R. Shipps EV Engineering Guidebook: Electric Vehicle Conversions for the 1980's, Suppliment #4: Datsun B210 23
1981 Paul R. Shipps EV Engineering Guidebook: Electric Vehicle Conversions for the 1980's, Suppliment #9: Ford Pinto 23
1980 G. Brusaglino Fiat Electric Vehicles Development Process: EV Expo 80 24
1980 B.J. Prigmore, F.C. Wykes and A.T. Freeman Battery Car Conversions: a Background of Theory and Practice 77
1970s Commuter Vehicles 1970s EV Brochure: Commuter Vehicles Commuta-car 2
1979 Sheldon R. Shacket The Complete Book of Electric Vehicles 168
1978 editors of EV Focus Electric Vehicles at a Glance: An Illustrated Chronology of the Birth and Rebirth of the Electric Automobile in America and Elsewhere 31
unknown (post 1976) Ernest H. Wakefield The Consumer's Electric Car 136
1976 various The Design and Marketing of a Battery Electric Van unknown (0.3")
1974 Laurence Iott Electric Vehicle Builders Guide 11
1974 various "Special Report: EV Revival -- A Full-Issue Review of Electric Vehicle Technology": October 17, 1974 Issue of "Machine Design" 5
1974 John McKillen unknown ("Introduction to some of the elements of electric automobiles for home construction") unknown (0.2", single sided photocopy)
1968 Ron Wakefield and Karl Ludvigsen "The Great Electric Car Race": article in the December 1968 issue of "Road and Track" 5
1968 unknown "The Electric Car: A Design Challenge": article in the May 1968 issue of "Electro-Technology" 16
1968 Lloyd Gano "Electric Vehicle Pioneers 1886-1896": article in the January-February 1968 issue of "Horseless Carriage Gazette" 8
1956 Chester L. Dawes Industrial Electricity, Volume I: Direct Currents 431
early 1900s various Photocopies of early electric vehicle ads -- Baker, Columbus, Detroit, Ohio, Pope Waverley and Woods. 5
unknown unknown Photo album with 12 1971 Fiat 850 conversion pictures unknown

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